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Sightseeing features

Explore the entire city from our hotel. Due to the central location, the sights are only a stone throw away!


St. Stephen

6 min 

7 mins

15 min

14 min (1.1km)

St. Stephen is an attraction! Tourists from all over the world make a pilgrimage up the Stephansberg to see the blue stained glass windows by the artist Marc Chagall. Reconstruction and restoration of the Gothic church, which was almost completely destroyed in World War II, brought its revival at the same time. More than a thousand years ago, in the year 990, the Archbishop of Mainz and Archchancellor of the Empire, Willigis, established a collegiate monastery here and had the church built as a "place of prayer for the Empire".


Mainzer Dom

6 min 

5 mins

14 min

14 min (1.1km)

The mighty cathedral still gives the city its face a thousand years after it was built, and it has shaped its history. Mainz, at the intersection of old national routes, became the ecclesiastical center north of the Alps with the work of St. Boniface from 746/47; it received the title "Holy See" when Willigis (975-1011) reigned in Mainz.


Gutenberg Museum

5 min 

5 mins

16 mins

16 mins (1.3km)

The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz is one of the oldest printing and typeface museums in the world. Its main attractions are several editions of the Gutenberg Bible, the oldest book printed with movable type, and a temporary exhibition on typography and book design. The museum is located opposite the cathedral in Mainz old town. 



4 min 

3 mins

8 mins

10 min (750 m)

Mainz old town is shaped by its eventful history. It becomes visible when you look at the medieval cathedral, the old patrician houses, the electoral palace, the winding streets and picturesque squares. In addition, the modern buildings - the town hall by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen from 1971, the Brand shopping center, the Rheingoldhalle and Fort Malakoff - bear witness to the changing times.



6 min 

7 mins

15 minutes

14 mins (1.1km)

The citadel is enthroned on the Jakobsberg, above the roofs of the old town. It has dominated the cityscape of Mainz since the 17th century.
The hill has borne the name Jakobsberg since the founding of the Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. James in 1055 by Archbishop Bardo of Mainz. The actual expansion of today citadel began in 1655 under Elector Johann Philipp von Schönborn.

With a size of about 340 by 320 meters, the citadel is one of the most important large fortifications in Rhineland-Palatinate. And it is a tourist attraction. Not only the beautiful view is worth the climb. There is also a lot to discover underground in the corridors and former air-raid shelters.


weekly market

6 min 

5 mins

14 mins

14 mins (1.1km)

The weekly market is the largest of the four squares surrounding Mainz Cathedral and is one of the oldest in Germany.

During the Christmas season, one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany takes place here.

The weekly market is one of the most popular destinations in Mainz, especially on Saturdays:

The "market breakfast" with wine from regional winegrowers attracts half of Mainz onto the streets.

If you like, you can just find a free spot and have a picnic.

If you mingle with the people, you can easily get into conversation with the locals.

Because the people of Mainz are known for their open, friendly nature.

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