What should I do to earn my Rewards?

Just HOLD! You need to hold anything more than 200'000 tokens to earn your CAKE rewards every HOUR!

Is the token safe?

YES! Initial Liquidity will be locked, then the extra liquidity generated by the contract through sells will be sent automatically to the Burn address, impossible for anyone to touch. The locked part will get smaller and smaller in % compared to the burned one with time too!

What percentage of the supply is held by the team?

The team will retain 3% of the tokens upon launch, split into team members.
An additional 1,5% will be held in a wallet for purposes as supplying liquidity to exchanges and similar (We consider it really important)
1,5% of the supply will be locked on team.finance to ensure the team is as dedicated as possible to move forward with the project developing

Why is the gas fee for swaps higher than usual?

The contract needs to save gas prices to payout rewards to holders. As long as you hold, your rewards in $CAKE will add up and outweight the fee.

How much taxes are there and what slippage should I use?

There's a 15% tax that it's split like this, to be fair for everyone:
-8% $CAKE rewards to holders.
-4% to liquidity.
-5% to marketing wallet to push it to the next level. So, use anything more than 17%-18% of slippage. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS SELLING ON PANCAKESWAP, YOU CAN TRY TO ADD .00 AT THE END OF THE TOKEN'S AMOUNT OR PUT THE SLIPPAGE 1% HIGHER!

Is there a Max Transaction - Max Wallet?

Yes! The max amount you can buy/sell or keep in your wallet is 1,5%.

How and when does the contract sell? Why do i see 3 small "sells" under each other sell?

The contract sells whenever it reaches an hardcap of 3,5 Million tokens accumulated from taxes. Holders' sells trigger the contract to do 3 smalls that split into: marketing (5%), liquidity (4% - 2% in tokens, 2% in BNB), holders (8%). This accumulates in the holder wallets and marketing wallet as $CAKE as previously stated.

Why isn't the ownership renounced?

Renouncing the ownership would do more harm than good, since we won't be able to: - Adjust fees and change reward amounts if the community asks.
- Whitelist future Exchange Hot wallets.
- Reduce claiming time for rewards.
- Develop the project further.
- Any fixes or minor changes that might be needed after the Audits.
- Prove to listing partners such as Coinmarketcap the ownership of the whole project.